Krum Quick Track has a gas and convenience store located in Krum, Texas. 

The objectives for Krum Quick Track:
  1. Develop a quality online presence 
  2. Increase foot traffic by promoting specials to the customers

One of the best method to bring in more customers is by sending out eCoupons providing special discounts.  CStorePromote’s online marketing system allows Krum Quick Track to send out regular eCoupons to the customer with just a few simple click.  The eCoupon system can generate bar or QR code allowing the eCoupon to be scanned by the cash register so the discount can automatically apply to the total bill. 

On the Krum Quick Track Website, the store also promoted many of the special eDeals to motivate customers to come to the store to make the purchase.  These eDeal are created using CStorePromote’s eay-to-use eDeal Wizard that creates dynamic and graphical layout.

In addition to promoting the various products at the store, Krum Quick Track also utilize the system to feature the various programs such as Gas Discounts and Car Wash Discounts.  

Utilizing CStorePromote solution, Krum Quick Track is able to bring awareness to the many offering the store provide.  It also allow the store to proactively send out eCoupon and showcase the many in store deals.  The end results is more foot traffic and overall sales that results in greater profit for the store.