Robust Online Marketing Tools
No longer do you need an email service provider, survey provider or CRM – CommercePromote exceeds every major provider in a single application complete with real time analytics.

Customer Relationship Management – CRM
Keep track of your customers, sales, and marketing campaigns. All the benefits of the major CRM’s in the market plus many features they do not offer.

Electronic Data Marketing –EDM
We provide you with a cost effective means of marketing electronically via our system. You will be able to do mass email, SMS and even FAX from our system to your existing and potential clients.

Content Management System – CMS
Perfect for franchises, multiple locations or target markets. Centralize the main content with the flexibility of location specific Website information.

Shopping Cart (ecommerce)
Manage your retail or wholesale webstore easily. Online ordering and payment system integrated with website with full content management access.

Interactive Calendar for Scheduling
Perfect for ticket sales, ticket management, reservations or appointments with single or multiple services or provider, tradeshows, webinars – anything on a calendar, interactive for fee or no fee.

Inventory Management
Keep track of products in real time as they sell or are distributed online.

Process Management
Manage scheduling, invoice controls and more.

Intranet Features
Use the system to implement your own company Intranet to automate internal operations, produce more effective employee communications, as well as facilitate intra-company collaboration.

Business Intelligence (BI)
Accurate ROI indicators. End-to-end solution means all data analytics are represented in a single system.